Donald Trump goes completely off the rails during speech and has profane meltdown

Donald Trump’s criminal scandals are growing worse for him by the hour, this time thanks to the revelation that Michael Flynn sold him out to Robert Mueller. Trump is trying to distract us all by threatening to invade Iran as a distraction from his scandals, but because the whole thing is a poorly thought out con game, even his attempt at a distraction is falling apart. With everything going wrong for him, let’s just say that Trump isn’t exactly taking it well today.

Trump was supposed to give a speech today to a group of realtors. You can’t get any more nonpartisan or noncontroversial than that, right? The trouble is, Trump’s mind was elsewhere. In the middle of the speech, Trump went off script and threw a fit about the recent major newspaper reports of conflict between him and his National Security Adviser John Bolton over Iran. These reports have come from within Trump’s own White House, so obviously the names of the sources can’t be printed – but when the New York Times or the Washington Post says it has a reliable inside source, that’s a pretty good indicator that it does indeed have such a source.

Just not in Trump’s delusional mind. He decided that, because he doesn’t like what his own people are publicly revealing about his failures, these inside sources must somehow not exist. During his speech today, he began ranting that “There is no source. The person doesn’t exist. The person’s not alive. It’s bullshit, OK? It’s bullshit.” Debates about the appropriateness of the President of the United States using profanity aside, this meltdown makes clear that Trump has lost it – even by his low standards.

Donald Trump clearly doesn’t think any of this is going well for him. Not the Michael Flynn bombshell, not the Iran distraction, none of it. When you’re going off script and ranting like that in public, it’s because you know you’ve lost control of the narrative, and because you know you’re just plain losing, period. The question now is what Trump will or won’t do in response to how badly things are spiraling out of control for him.

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