Pro-Trump election lawyers are paying a heavy price in court

There’s a popular narrative out there that “nothing” is being done to the people who tried to steal the 2020 election on Donald Trump’s behalf. For that matter, there’s a popular narrative out there about how these folks “nearly succeeded.” But neither of these things is true; for all their disturbing criminal antics, they never came within a million miles of somehow magically overthrowing the election results – and now they are indeed facing ugly consequences.

For instance, two pro-Trump lawyers in Colorado who filed bogus 2020 election suits have just been ordered by the courts to pay six figures in legal fees. This comes even as lawyers closer to Trump, including Sidney Powell and Lin Wood, are also facing hefty fines and legal sanctions for their own roles in trying to fraudulently overturn the 2020 election.

Then there’s Trump election lawyer Rudy Giuliani, whose home was raided by the Feds earlier this year, as part of a federal criminal investigation that’s overwhelmingly likely to result in his arrest and imprisonment.


These legal consequences aren’t as swift, straightforward, or bombastic as most observers would like. But that’s not how the legal system works. The people who took fraudulent and/or criminal actions to try to make Trump feel better about losing in 2020 are in fact paying a price, and in many instances a big one. You just have to pay close enough attention to see it.

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