Whistleblower says Donald Trump tried to hide the evidence of his collusion with foreign leaders on a private server

Late on Wednesday night, multiple major news outlets reported that the whistleblower report had been declassified, and that a redacted version could be released as soon as Thursday morning. This gave a green light for people knowledge of the report to begin leaking the non-classified details, and sure enough, a key component of the report leaked sometime after midnight.

It turns out Donald Trump and his White House were so eager to keep all records of Trump’s communications with foreign leaders hidden, they moved them to a “separate computer network” from where they would normally be stored, according to a late night bombshell from the Washington Post. To us this sounds an awful lot like they’re describing a private server of some kind. Whether it’s on government owned computers or not, it’s still being stashed on the wrong server. That’s rather ironic.

During the 2016 election cycle, Donald Trump and the Republican Party pushed a nonstop narrative about how Hillary Clinton did something shady and/or illegal by using a private email server while she was at the State Department. In reality, she only did this for the same reason the two Secretaries of State before her did it: the State Department email server was notoriously unreliable. And she was fully cleared in the end, because she never knowingly viewed classified information from that server.

But now we’re learning that Donald Trump and his regime stashed things on some kind of private server for the very shady reason of trying to hide the evidence of Trump’s collusion with foreign leaders, in the hope no one would find it. This sounds like it’s going to get very ugly, very quickly.

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