Donald Trump admits he’s afraid he’ll go to prison if he loses

From the very start of Donald Trump’s illegitimate presidency, Palmer Report has pointed out that the only realistic outcome would be Trump in prison. The minute Trump took office, it put a floodlight on his entire lifetime of crime. Then he proceeded to commit even more crimes while in office.

Now Trump is facing too many potential criminal charges, on a state and federal level, to list. Some of the charges aren’t even really in the “potential” category anymore, considering a widely documented New York state grand jury is already in the process of indicting him on financial crimes – and Trump can’t pardon state charges.

Palmer Report also predicted that if Donald Trump lost the election, the mainstream media would suddenly hit us with the shocking “breaking news” that Trump is looking at prison. After all, the media has been saving the prison narrative all this time, so it could make hay out of it once Trump actually lost.


Now the New York Times is reporting that even Donald Trump is afraid he’s going to prison if he loses. Yeah, no kidding. Nearly everything Trump has done for the past few years, from conspiring with Ukraine to try to rig his own reelection to trying to prevent New York from getting his tax returns, has been motivated by his fear that he’ll go to prison if he loses. Now the media is finally talking about it.

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