Stunning new bombshell confirms Jeff Sessions is going to prison

We’ve known for some time now that Jeff Sessions committed a felony by lying under oath about his campaign meetings with Russia, and that he was eventually going to have to answer for it. It felt like Sessions would try to hang onto the Attorney General job for as long as possible, before inevitably cutting a plea deal with Robert Mueller that would allow him to go free. However, based on what’s now emerging about Sessions, he’s going to prison.

Back when Donald Trump first decided he wanted to fire FBI Director James Comey, he discussed it with various staff members. Jeff Sessions responded to this news by asking his contacts for any “dirt” they might have on Comey, according to a New York Times report tonight (link). Sessions also tried to get the media to write as many negative stories about Comey as possible. It gets even worse.

This is no longer a mere matter of Sessions having known that Trump was trying to obstruct justice, and was therefore guilty of being part of Trump’s conspiracy to obstruct justice. Considering that Sessions knew he himself was guilty of conspiring with Russia, and that he and Trump were plotting to fire Comey in the hope of getting themselves off the hook, there is no legal question that Sessions committed obstruction of justice. Forget about “conspiracy to” – Sessions actually did much of the dirty work himself.

It’s unclear why this news is surfacing at this particular time. Is Robert Mueller signaling to Jeff Sessions that it’s time to come in and cut a deal? Did the reporter just happen to dig up something that no one was purposely trying to leak? Either way, this all means that Sessions has committed crimes far too severe to get completely off the hook. Even if he flips on Trump, and he’s selfish and disloyal enough that he will when he eventually has to, he’ll end up doing prison time. Reduced sentence? Sure. Free pass? Not a chance. Not anymore.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report