Donald Trump’s countdown to prison begins

If Donald Trump loses the election in November, as he’s currently on track to do, he’ll officially no longer be President of the United States on January 20th, 2021. He can hide under the Oval Office desk if he wants, but the new President will be sworn in anyway, and at that point law enforcement will haul Trump out by his ankles if he refuses to leave. Even if Trump leaves office peacefully, he’ll still be immediately arrested.

This isn’t optimism, or wishful thinking, or a pipe dream, or any of the other propaganda terms that the fatalists like to throw around whenever the subject of Donald Trump’s arrest comes up. This is simply where 100% of the facts and evidence point. It’s firmly established that a grand jury in New York is already targeting Trump for criminal indictment on state charges. In fact the court battle over Trump’s tax returns is partly because this grand jury is attempting to obtain them.

Grand juries only exist for one reason: to indict people. The New York grand jury is clearly going to have an indictment in place against Donald Trump by the time he leaves office, whether it obtains his tax returns or not, because the publicly available evidence and testimony alone is more than enough for the grand jury to return an indictment. We saw New York unveil its criminal indictment against Paul Manafort just minutes after his federal trial ended. This tells us that New York won’t waste a minute when it comes to Trump’s indictment either. Literally the minute he’s no longer officially President, and therefore able to be arrested, he will be arrested. This is independent of any federal criminal charges that the next DOJ might decide to bring against Trump.

This means that if you spend this year working hard and working smart, Donald Trump will lose the election in November, and he will be arrested on January 20th, 2021 – precisely one year from today. The countdown to Trump’s arrest has begun. So it’s time to shout down the fatalists and get out there and spend this year campaigning against Trump. If you succeed, there is a 100% chance he’ll go to prison once you defeat him.

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