Prison bells chime for Donald Trump Jr and Jared Kushner

Tick tock, you traitors. Donald Trump Jr and Jared Kushner just got the worst news possible. We all knew it was coming eventually, but now it’s a reality. The House Intelligence Committee has scheduled a vote for this Wednesday, just forty-eight hours from now, on turning over the Trump-Russia testimony transcripts to Special Counsel Robert Mueller. This appears to be the final piece of the puzzle in the long awaited indictments and arrests of both these goons. So now what?

Back when corrupt Trump puppet Devin Nunes was in charge of the House Intel Committee, he encouraged everyone in the Trump-Russia scandal to come in and profess innocence, so he could then announce that they had all been “cleared.” This was the dumbest plot of all time, because not only did Nunes’ declaration carry no legal weight, it also resulted in these people committing felony perjury.

Now that Adam Schiff and the Democrats have control over the transcripts, they’re predictably going to Mueller for prosecution. Democratic Congresswoman Jackie Speier has already strongly hinted that Donald Trump Jr committed perjury. Considering the circumstances under which Nunes constructed this scheme, unless any of the witnesses were smart enough to not play along, they’re all going down for perjury. We’ve already seen Kushner repeatedly lie on his security clearance forms, also a felony, so it’s not too difficult to figure out that Kushner almost certainly lied to the committee as well.

The House Intel Committee says it’s voting on the transcripts on Wednesday morning. Even if every Republican votes “no,” the Democratic majority will still vote to release them. We expect Adam Schiff will then give the transcripts to Mueller right that minute. Mueller already has unofficial transcripts and knows what he wants to indict on, so he and his team will simply need to verify that the official and unofficial transcripts are an exact match.

Then they can put it in front of the grand jury potentially as soon as this Thursday. If indictments were to happen that same day, we could possibly be looking at arrests as soon as this Friday – but that’s only if everything happens as quickly as it could theoretically happen. Next week might be a more realistic timeframe.

One thing to keep in mind: this same committee gave the Roger Stone transcript to Robert Mueller weeks ago. Mueller then decided to indict and arrest Stone primarily based on the perjury he committed in the transcript, even though the rest of the criminal case against Stone is still being built. So there is precedent for Mueller to move immediately on Trump Jr and Kushner even if he hasn’t yet finished indicting them on everything else.

In any case, while perjury is far from the most serious criminal charge that Donald Trump Jr and Jared Kushner will face, it is the most easily proven. Even if these guys think they can beat the more complex charges against them, the perjury charges should be a near-automatic conviction. So yeah, the prison bells are now chiming for them both.