The real reason Erik Prince only testified to the House Intel Committee

Over the past two days, various major media reports have spelled out that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is moving in against key Trump-Russia figure Erik Prince. “But wait,” some of you are asking, “hasn’t Prince been cooperating with the Trump-Russia investigation all along? After all, he voluntarily testified before the House Intel Committee awhile back.” That’s true, but it was actually a strong signal that Prince had no intention of cooperating.

Even as the mainstream media has reported on the absurd antics of House Intel Committee Chair Devin Nunes and pointed out that he’s compromised or corrupt, the media has almost uniformly declined to point out the other half of the equation: Trump-Russia testimony before the House Intel Committee is a sham. Whenever witnesses and suspects have wanted to create the false appearance that they’re cooperating, they’ve raced to testify for Trump’s puppet committee, while snubbing all of the other congressional committees who are legitimately investigating Trump-Russia.

That’s because Nunes and the other Republicans who control the House Intel Committee are trying to hurry up and publish a report which “exonerates” every Trump-Russia suspect who testifies for them. This will carry zero legal weight, but it’ll be done with the hope of muddying the waters in the court of public opinion before the real Trump-Russia investigations reach their conclusions. On the other hand, when people like Steve Bannon and Hope Hicks have refused to answer the most important questions being asked by the Trump-controlled House Intel Committee, it’s because they’re trying to keep Trump from learning what they’re telling Robert Mueller.

In other words, when it comes to the Trump-Russia investigation, the House Intelligence Committee is a counter-indicator. When Erik Prince testified for that committee, but declined to testify anywhere else, it meant he had no intention of cooperating with the Trump-Russia investigation. It was also a strong signal that Prince had something to hide. Now it looks like Robert Mueller has found it.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report