Prince Charles just stuck it to Mike Pence

The World Economic Forum in Davos is already off to a terrible start for the United States. Donald Trump gave such a terrible, rambling, incoherent, idiotic speech yesterday, one German political leader ended up calling it “The worst speech I’ve ever heard in my life.” Now Mike Pence is stepping to the plate at Davos, and let’s just say that he’s feeling a bit lonely.

Video footage clearly shows Prince Charles walking down a row and shaking hands with multiple world leaders, but in the process taking one look at Mike Pence and then skipping over him. Pence then reaches out and pats the Prince on the back as he walks away, in an apparent effort to save face. Watch the video:


Mike Pence’s team is insisting that there’s a different context to what happened here. They’re saying that because Prince Charles and Pence had already spoken privately backstage, the Prince simply saw no need to embrace Pence again while walking down the row of people in public. But let’s give the Prince some credit. He’s been doing these kinds of diplomatic events in the public eye his entire life. He knows what it looks like when he skips over someone in a row of handshakes while the TV cameras are watching – particularly someone as controversial and unpopular as Mike Pence. Charles surely knew what he was doing.

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