Looks like Ivanka Trump is a primary target of the investigation after all

When the House Judiciary Committee simultaneously sent document requests to eighty-one Trump connected people and entities earlier this month, the big head scratcher was why Donald Trump Jr, Eric Trump, and Jared Kushner were on the list, but Ivanka Trump wasn’t. Now we’re getting at least a big part of the answer, and it’s eyebrow raising to say the least.

While none of those 81 document requests were sent to Ivanka Trump, the New York Times dug in and figured out that 52 of the document requests are about Ivanka Trump. That means she’s a primary target after all, and it only leaves one of two explanations for what’s really going on here.

The first would be that the House Judiciary Committee is taking the long way around to getting documents about Ivanka Trump because it’s concluded that directly targeting her might prompt Donald Trump to go berserk and try to retaliate. The second explanation would be more fascinating. In multi-tier investigations like this, investigators often wait to contact the primary target until the very end, or not at all, because they’re instead hoping to get others to cooperate against that target.

Either way, this is bad news for Ivanka Trump. Either the House Democrats are working around her because she’s precious to her father but she’s a primary target anyway, or they’re working around her for traditional investigative reasons and she’s the primary target. Now we wait to see which of those 52 people cooperate against her, and which of them are willing to commit obstruction of justice to protect her. It only takes one cooperator to turn over any given document in question.