Donald Trump’s press conference today is a total disaster even by his standards

Donald Trump made one of his dumbest mistakes yet when he tweeted a threat this morning about postponing the election. Trump literally can’t do that, so the media and the public quickly pounced on it for being both an empty threat and a derangedly criminal threat. Trump has been taking blows all day for it. Now he’s trying to clean up his mess with a press briefing, and it’s not going well for him.

Trump tepidly stumbled through a bunch of of generic nonsense and weird lies, before taking a question about his tweet. He gave a long, rambling, bizarre, incoherent, braindead answer that largely focused on his objections to mail-in voting, but then also strangely focused on Russia. When a reporter tried to follow up about whether Trump believed he even had the power to magically delay the election, Trump responded with an even stranger rant about “stupid people.”

It’s clear that Trump called the press briefing in a panic, and that he went out there with no real answer in mind for the question he had to know he’d get about his tweet, and so he predictably fell to pieces. So now it’s cemented that Donald Trump has harmed himself with his idiotic tweet.

Trump’s own allies like Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy are already making clear that Trump can’t delay the election, and it’s caused one prominent Trump supporter to change his mind and call for Trump’s ouster. Thus dummy Trump probably just knocked another three points off his approval rating – and he admitted that he’s afraid he’s going to lose.

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