Donald Trump goes completely off the deep end about his coronavirus press conference ratings

Even in a deadly crisis, Donald Trump still has no idea what a President is, or what a leader is, or what a human is. Trump’s focus is almost entirely on himself and his own psychotic impulses. To that end, he just went on an utterly deranged bender about his coronavirus press conference ratings.



TV news networks have struggled with whether to air Donald Trump’s coronavirus press conferences because his constant lies end up causing real harm to Americans. Yet this dick thinks it’s all about ratings. Most people only watch Trump’s press conference meltdowns each day because they’re stuck at home as a result of his mishandling of the coronavirus, and they have nothing else to do.

Just for this tweet alone, CNN and MSNBC should cease airing Trump’s press conferences. He’s given away that he’s holding the press conferences for bad faith reasons, to stroke his own psychotic ego instead of informing the public. These are nothing more than Trump campaign rallies disguised as emergency press conferences. The networks have an editorial and moral compulsion not to air them.

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