As the walls cave in on him, Donald Trump has demented press conference meltdown

Donald Trump is now in very real danger of losing his presidency, his marriage, and his freedom, as the walls continue to close in on him by the hour. So how’s he handling the mounting pressure and the worsening bad news? He held a press conference today. It’s far from clear what his original intention was, but the end result was that Trump had a rambling, off-topic, and at times demented meltdown.

Trump appeared to be trying to signal that he’s now willing to be interviewed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. That’s not shocking, considering that his only two remaining options are to submit to the interview, or to destroy what little is left of his failing presidency by invoking the Fifth Amendment. But Trump took things even further, by needlessly and confusingly staking himself to being willing to testify under oath. Does he not understand that anyone who testifies to a federal agent is essentially under oath by default? Then Trump went truly off the rails.

Trump began ranting about a delusional phony conspiracy theory involving everyone from Hillary Clinton, to FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, to two FBI agents who had an affair, to technical problems with Samsung smartphones. At various points he was angrily yelling at reporters, demanding that they answer the questions he was posing about Clinton. At another point he all but confessed to committing felony obstruction of justice by admitting that he tried to “fight back” against the ongoing investigation into his Russia scandal.

Somewhere in there, Donald Trump flip flopped on immigration yet again, this time endorsing the Democratic Party’s plan to create a path to citizenship for DACA recipients. The Republican Party recently had to cave to the Democrats on CHIP just to briefly get the government open again, and now Trump is caving on DACA as well.

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