Donald Trump melts down during ridiculous press conference

To give you an idea of how irrelevant Donald Trump has become since he lost, most of you don’t even know that he held a press conference this afternoon, as CNN and MSNBC didn’t bother to air it. But Fox News did, and let’s just say that Trump would have been better off if no one were watching.

Trump was supposed to stick to the script today and announce his (imaginary) reform of prescription drug prices. The whole thing was supposed to give the appearance that he’s still interested in being president, and in fighting for the presidency. Instead Trump veered off script and made up a conspiracy theory about Pfizer withholding the coronavirus vaccine until after the election, in order to punish him for his imaginary prescription drug price cuts.

Donald Trump has very rarely spoken in public since he lost the election. When he has occasionally spoken, he’s appeared tepid, weak, sad, defeated, and largely incoherent. Today was no different. Regardless of the noise that he and his co-conspirators are making about somehow magically overturning the results of the election, it couldn’t be much more clear that he knows he lost.

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