Donald Trump goes off the deep end with disastrous press conference

After his clueless, lifeless, and disastrous town hall last night, Donald Trump decided he wanted to fail on the national stage even more today, so he called a press conference. Trump had absolutely nothing to say today, but that didn’t stop him from running his mouth anyway – and making a complete fool of himself.

At one point during his press conference today, Trump pointed to a misleading chart and insisted that the pandemic is only still out of control in “blue states.” This is a lie, which was bad enough. But then in the very next breath, Trump demanded that these same blue states “reopen.” Why would he want them to reopen, if he just accused them of not doing enough to stop the coronavirus?

At another point today, Donald Trump went off on a bizarre tangent about two delicate pieces of cardboard, which may or may not have had something to do with coronavirus testing. It also continues to be remarkable just how much trouble Trump has reading his prepared statements from the script in front of him, seemingly stumbling every third word. Just how far gone is this guy’s mind?

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