President Obama just destroyed Donald Trump

President Barack Obama was always going to step to the plate in a big way for Joe Biden during this election cycle. The pandemic has forced Obama to go to some creative lengths to pull it off. Earlier this week he was seen walking the sidewalk with a bullhorn. Today he held a drive-in rally in Florida, complete with car horn honking in lieu of applause โ€“ and despite the odd format, it ended up making for riveting television.

President Obama laid into Donald Trump for his failures, his lies, his corruption, and his idiocy in equal measure. Obama harped on the fact that Trump has utterly failed to do anything about the pandemic that’s killed hundreds of thousands of Americans. He called out Trump for telling people to ingest bleach. He riffed on Trump’s secret Chinese bank account.

What stood out during the rally was Obama’s willingness to simply make fun of Donald Trump for being โ€“ our words, not his โ€“ a pathetic loser. At times it felt like Obama was doing a stand up comedy routine, with every punchline being a jab at Trump. At one point Obama even pointed out that the mythical “Florida man” from many a negative headline would never do some of the ridiculous things that Trump is doing.

We believe this is the correct approach. Donald Trump is a villain, and an evil one. He’s a traitor. He’s a mass murderer. But he’s also a pathetic joke, and he can be defeated. The fact that Trump is such a failure and punchline could be what motivates any remaining fence-sitters to go ahead and vote against him.

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