President-elect Joe Biden rips Donald Trump a new one

Americans are dying in a worsening pandemic, and they’re struggling to feed their families. Yet our so-called “President” Donald Trump is lost in a haze of election conspiracy theories – and when he does occasionally weigh in on important matters, he’s only making things worse.

For instance, after Trump’s Republican Party forced the stimulus bill to include mere $600 direct relief checks to Americans, Trump then demanded that it be increased to $2,000. But he hasn’t called off Republicans who are still holding firm at $600, and he hasn’t signed or vetoed the current bill, meaning the entire nation is being held hostage.


President-elect Joe Biden has had just about enough of this nonsense. He’s blasting Trump for his “abdication of responsibility” on the matter, which is having “devastating consequences” on the American people. Meanwhile Trump is busy tweeting that Afghanistan has better elections than the United States. This comes after Trump’s Twitter meltdown yesterday about lions and giraffes. It’s just embarrassing.

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