President-elect Joe Biden is already making an impact on COVID

On Thursday, President-elect Joe Biden met with the Council of Governors to coordinate their COVID responses. This longstanding council consists of five Democratic Governors and five Republican Governors. All of the Republicans participated, and all of them acknowledged that Biden won the election. This includes the Republican Governors of Alabama and Arkansas.

In roughly the same timeframe of that meeting, the Governor of Arkansas announced new measures aimed at limiting the spread of COVID. So we’re seeing progress here, and we’ll see more. It’s not nearly enough from these Republican Governors, but it’s a start.

Yes, people are dying as a direct result of GSA Emily Murphy refusing to sign the transition papers. President-elect Biden could be doing a lot more to stop the spread of COVID if he didn’t have one hand tied behind his back. But Biden is already making an impact. Don’t forget how savvy he is. He’s been doing this for nearly fifty years. It’s entirely possible that during the Trump era, we’ve forgotten what political intelligence even looks like.

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