President Biden swats away bizarre gotcha question from Peter Alexander during press conference

President Biden has long been fully vaccinated, most of the people around him have long been vaccinated, and everyone who comes into contact with him his routinely tested for COVID. Yet Biden has held himself to the same mask-wearing rules that he’s asked other Americans to follow, in the name of setting a good example.

Today Biden announced new CDC guidelines which say that fully vaccinated Americans no longer need to wear masks outdoors at all except when participating in large gatherings, while also partially relaxing outdoor mask guidelines for unvaccinated Americans.

For some reason, White House correspondent Peter Alexander thought this question was clever:

You can see in the video, President Biden had no trouble swatting away the silly gotcha question. This is a reminder that 1) Biden is really good at this stuff because he’s been doing it forever, and 2) the media really doesn’t know what to do with itself now that Former Guy is gone.

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