President Biden just nailed it

President Joe Biden is certainly returning normalcy to the White House quickly. His two rescue pups Champ and Major have joined the family, and we can all happily rest assured that we once again have normal people in the White House. What a relief. As President Biden continues his quest to right things in America, he does not believe providing intelligence briefings to former “president” Donald Trump is a good idea. While appearing on CBS Evening News with Norah O’Donnell, Biden opposed providing briefings to Trump because of his “erratic behavior,” which is not the only reason these briefings should be withheld from Trump.

Trump is a traitor to this nation, which is reason enough to deny intelligence briefings to him. According to the Washington Post, in 2017 he revealed highly classified information to the Russian foreign minister and ambassador during a meeting. At no time has this revelation been called accidental, and even if it had been, that is even more reason to deny him access. I tend to agree with Val Demings, who said that Trump would likely sell secrets “to the highest bidder,” according to Newsweek. He no longer has access to his taxpayer piggy bank, and we all know Trump sucks with money. He will be desperately seeking more soon. Despite these reasons to withhold such sensitive information, President Biden said that this decision will ultimately be made by intelligence officials, WaPo reported. Why are intelligence briefings given to any former president? David Presser, former CIA officer, explained that to WaPo.

According to Presser, he briefed President George H.W. Bush “for many years” after he left office. The reason for doing so is that current presidents can reach out to former presidents for confidential advisement as issues arise. Again, no need to worry about Biden asking Trump for advice. He has none to give, and President Biden would not reach out to him in any instance, given the way that he was disrespected. Who would blame him even if Trump did have some sense? The thing about President Biden is that he has been in public service for many years. He knows how all this works, and he is forging ahead with his ideas and recommendations based on that experience. President Biden promised from the moment he won the primary through his inauguration that he would be president of all people and would do what he thought best benefits citizens of this country, something Trump never did.


As a result of his promises to the American people, President Biden is attacking COVID-19 head on and is working to send aid to those in need. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen supports President Biden’s COVID bill and believes that it will ultimately provide a much-needed boost to our ailing economy. Appearing on Jake Tapper’s “State of the Union,” Yellen said that if Biden’s bill is passed, “we would get back to full employment next year.” With advisors like Yellen on board, what in the world could Biden get from Trump? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

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