President Biden just dropped the DOJ hammer on January 6th Committee subpoena holdouts

President Biden just publicly called on the DOJ to criminally prosecute anyone who tries to defy a January 6th Committee subpoena. It’s rare for a (legitimate) President to weigh in like this on a criminal case – and it all but ensures holdouts like Bannon will end up in prison.

Of course some in the media will criticize President Biden for taking a position like this on a criminal case. But Donald Trump did this all the time, and he illegitimately did it in cases where the target was either a friend or an enemy. In this instance Biden has no personal skin in the game, and he’s merely calling for the DOJ to uphold the law.


Attorney General Merrick Garland was surely already going to prosecute Bannon and others who are referred by the committee for criminal prosecution – but Biden’s words tonight should seal the deal.

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