President Biden draws the line with Putin

Biden will meet with Putin this Wednesday June 16th. Mark your calendars. We predict it will be revealing. The President has already hinted at how the meeting will go by saying he’ll tell Putin, “What I want him to know.” Remember that Biden disliked Putin twenty years ago and not much has happened to change that view. The laugh that Trump had at the White House with Lavrov, Putin’s foreign minister, over the firing of the FBI Director Comey couldn’t have sat well with Biden, and he knows mountains more than the rest of us of the traitorous schemes of the last administration.

Meanwhile current FBI Director Christopher Wray’s testimony has proved facinating. He states they are not through with indictments and there should be focus on the conspiracy indictments. Merrick Garland has already claimed he will go after the January 6th kingpins should their actions merit it and Wray testified that, “We are treating [Jan 6] as an act of domestic terrorism. Ongoing investigation and a lot more to come … I expect to see more charges and some of them may be more serious charges.” These are not idle threats.


We know everyone’s patience is at an end with the criming of the former guy’s administration. But you can toss all the charges at the wall like spaghetti and hope some sticks or you can line them up like dominos, knock over the first domino and watch them all fall. We for one are voting for patience and thoroughness. The future of our country and the steadfastness of our Constitution demands it.

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