Donald Trump doesn’t have a prayer

This week we all saw Donald Trump’s tweet in which he recognized Russia’s interference in his favor in the 2016 presidential election: “Russia, Russia, Russia! That’s all you heard at the beginning of this Witch Hunt Hoax … And now Russia has disappeared because I had nothing to do with Russia helping me to get elected. It was a crime that didn’t exist.” Minutes later, a seemingly different Donald Trump barked at reporters on the South Lawn: “No, Russia did not help me get elected. You know who got me elected? I got me elected!”

Rev. Franklin Graham apparently disagrees with both of them. In an interview with CNN’s Don Lemon in January 2018, Franklin revealed who he thinks was behind Trump’s election as President of the United States: “I think God put him there. He offended everybody, just like you said. He seemed to be — he did everything wrong as a candidate and he won and I don’t understand it, other than I think God put him there.”

Continuing with this theme, Graham recently announced on Twitter that he and other Christian leaders across the country are asking Americans to take a moment this Sunday, June 2, “to pray for President Donald Trump.” As Graham explains, “I don’t believe that any President in the history of this nation has been attacked more than President Donald Trump. He is our President, and if he succeeds, we all benefit. But if his enemies are allowed to destroy him and pull down the presidency, it will hurt our entire nation.”

It appears that Graham is a little late to this game. Just over a week ago, Speaker Nancy Pelosi made a point of telling us, “I pray for the President of the United States” after Trump got colicky and ran out of an infrastructure meeting. Many people may be praying for Trump for different reasons. But if there is anyone who should be praying for Trump right now, it’s Trump. The walls are closing in and the drumbeat for impeachment is growing louder each day. Trump should pray that once he realizes that his best option is to make a resignation plea deal, he won’t discover that it’s too late.

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