Poor little Trump

It has been said that wishing bad luck on others can come back to bite you in the ass. Sometimes, though, it is inevitable, depending on the person upon whom the bad luck is wished. Many wish that Donald Trump would go to jail; given all that he did to destroy our country, it is difficult not to echo that wish. We have not been fortunate enough to see that come to fruition, but Reuters gave us news about Trump that some might enjoy. No, he is not being arrested, but his companies are suffering because of him.

Reuters calls Trump’s politics “poisonous,” which is an accurate description. He created division and turmoil among people who seemingly got along fine until he came along. While hatred, racism, and other negative qualities highlighted by Trump’s “presidency” existed, they were not openly displayed. Trump made it okay to be tacky as hell without regard to anyone else’s feelings. Yes, “poisonous” is the perfect word. At least his poison is now being inflicted upon him in the form of his businesses, the success of which has always been somewhat of a question.

Before his faux presidency, Trump enjoyed branding deals that allowed him to capitalize on his name to make millions and develop a real estate empire. Now, his name is, well, poisonous. The interesting thing about most of Trump’s supporters is that they are working class and rural, two groups who typically have no use for the wealthy. In fact, many of them abhor the wealthy, but in the case of Trump, his hatred obliterated the rest. While he crows about being loved by many, companies and individuals who formerly supported his empire obviously do not. Vacancies have increased in his office buildings, resulting in what lenders see as an inability to meet his debts. One real estate broker shared that prospective tenants in New York are not interested in being associated with the Trump name by renting space, and golf tournament organizers are steadily pulling their events from Trump’s golf courses. On top of falling revenues, the investigations are continuing in New York with another recently announced in Westchester County, both of which involve the misrepresentation of financial information, which makes sense because Trump is a braggart. The choice to brag may well come back and bite him in the ass, but Trump is shrewd.


While his real estate ventures lag, Trump decided to dive into the world of social media. According to Reuters, investors bought shares in Digital World Acquisition Corp., which was to merge with Trump Media and Technology Group. Of course, we have recently heard that his company has licensing issue problems. Yet, the bragging continues. Trump’s eldest son Eric recently told Reuters: “We’re sitting on a tremendous amount of cash.” Good. They might need it before all is said and done. They have huge loans to repay and legal battles to fight, both of which are major headaches and money drainers for Trump. Other than himself, money is Trump’s best friend, and how he will function as it continues to dwindle remains a mystery.

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