Donald Trump’s poll numbers since catching coronavirus are ugly for him

A new poll coming on the heels of the last debate shows good news for Joe Biden. Reuters/Ipsos shows him with a ten-point lead over Donald Trump. Even better, it shows him with 51% support among likely voters and only 4% of voters undecided. It’s difficult to draw too many conclusions over one poll, nor should we, but this is mostly consistent with polling that we’ve seen so far. What’s significant about this poll is that it asked respondents about Trump’s COVID diagnosis.

Although I’ve spoken to a few people afraid that his diagnosis might somehow make him a martyr and win support, it hasn’t exactly done that so far. 65% of respondents say that Donald Trump could’ve prevented catching COVID by taking basic precautionary measures – something that half of the Republican respondents to the poll agreed on. We have yet to see if this data will continue to be a trend, but it’s not exactly much better for the Trump campaign that the GOP is in disarray and not quite sure who to blame for their recent string of COVID cases.

It should be a major headline story if the president of the United States is ill with a life-threatening disease, but Trump may be the first president whose illness turns into yet another major scandal for him, as he’s put nearly all of his campaign staff and White House staffers at risk for a deadly disease that he’s done nothing but lie about. He’s dangerously and historically unqualified for office and this is why we need to vote him out by November 3.

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