Police officer fired and facing criminal charges for role in U.S. Capitol attack

We’re all still waiting to learn if the Capitol Police were complicit in the U.S. Capitol attack, or simply negligent about it, or victimized by higher-ups who left them out to dry, or some combination of all of the abbove. Meanwhile there is the matter of off duty police officers from other cities who traveled to DC to participate in the attack.

The Houston Police Department has just dumped a police officer who was caught participating in the attack. According to Ali Velshi, the Houston Police Chief said that “There is a high probability this individual will be charged with federal charges and rightfully so.”


So now we’re looking at the likelihood of a police officer going to prison for his role in a domestic terrorist attack against the uppermost reaches of the United States government. It’s the latest disturbing reminder that Trumpism has infected American society on all levels, and that we’re going to have to work diligently to root it out and bring the country back to normalcy.

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