Donald Trump is already plotting his excuse for his next failure

Donald Trump’s nomination of Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court is in the process of failing. We’ll see how things play out today, but Kavanaugh’s prospects are sinking by the hour. We’ll then find out who or what Trump ends up blaming, if and when the nomination officially dies. But now Trump is already carefully plotting his big phony excuse for his next failure.

Make no mistake: Donald Trump’s Republican Party will do poorly in the November election. Just how poorly? That’s partly up to how much time and effort the Resistance wants to invest in House and Senate races between now and then. But even popular presidents tend to do poorly in their first midterm test, and Trump is anything but popular. Even as we wait to see how many seats the Republicans will lose, and whether it’ll be enough to cost them majority control, Trump has already revealed how he’ll try to spin that one, and it’s bizarre, if creative.

Trump spent yesterday floating the entirely baseless claim that, because China is so sick of losing to him, China is going to rig the November elections in favor of the Democrats. No one is going to believe this, of course, and it won’t get Trump anywhere. But that’s not the point. Trump has surely figured out by now that the Republicans will take losses in the midterms, and he’s already working on a rationale that he can believe for why it was rigged against him.

After all, Donald Trump’s ego won’t allow him to accept the reality that he’s unpopular, let alone that his unpopularity will cost his party seats in November. So when it happens, he’ll simply claim that China rigged the election for the Democrats. When everyone laughs at him, he’ll then claim that he meant it as a joke – just as he did when the world literally laughed out loud at him during his UN speech this week. So how badly will the November elections go for Trump and the GOP? That’s up to you.

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