Robert Mueller’s latest Trump-Russia move hints that Jeff Sessions may have indeed cut a plea deal

Over the weekend, Palmer Report asked aloud if Attorney General Jeff Sessions might have already cut a secret plea deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller in the Trump-Russia investigation, as Sessions’ behavior increasingly seemed to suggest that he had done so. Mueller and his team have just made a move in the investigation which hints that Sessions may have indeed cut a deal.

Robert Mueller and his investigators have informed Donald Trump of the specific topics they want to interview him with regard to obstruction of justice. According to a new report from CNN (link), those topics center around Trump’s firing of former FBI Director James Comey, Trump’s knowledge of Michael Flynn’s transition period communications with the Russians, and Jeff Sessions’ role in the Comey firing. It’s important to understand a prosecutor’s goal when interviewing the “kingpin” figure at the end of a multi-level investigation.

Mueller isn’t going to ask Trump anything that he doesn’t already know the answer to. The whole point is to catch Trump lying, which is a felony, and is more easily proven in a legal sense than more qualitative crimes like obstruction of justice or conspiracy against the United States. We know that Mueller has already gotten the real story from Comey, a cooperating witness, and Flynn, who cut a plea deal, which explains why Mueller wants to ask Trump about those topics. But why is Mueller also zeroing in on asking Trump about the actions of Jeff Sessions?

Again, Robert Mueller is going to focus on asking Donald Trump about things that Mueller already knows about. We know that Mueller interviewed Jeff Sessions back in late January (link). But the only way Mueller knows the full story of Sessions’ role is if Sessions told him everything. Considering that Sessions is on the hook for everything from obstruction to perjury, the only way he would confess his own crimes to Mueller is if he’s been given a plea deal.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report