Rudy Giuliani moves on to super secret Plan B

When Rudy Giuliani first joined Donald Trump’s legal team, he promised – without offering any semblance of a plan – that he would be able to magically get the entire Trump Russia investigation shut down within two weeks. That was four weeks ago. Suffice it to say that Rudy’s two weeks are up and then some. But that’s okay, because now that it’s become clear Rudy never had a Plan A, he’s moving on to his super secret Plan B. He’s even touting Plan C, under the apparent presumption that his Plan B will fail as well. No really.

Best we can tell, Rudy’s Plan A consisted of going on television and confessing to Trump’s crimes, then foaming at the mouth for awhile, and expecting the investigations into those crimes to just sort of stop happening. Stunningly, that hasn’t worked. So here’s an actual quote from Giuliani about where he plans to take this train wreck next: “We don’t want to signal our action if this doesn’t work — we are going to hope they listen to us — but obviously we have a Plan B and C.” Wait, what?

Someone has got to tell Giuliani that the best way to project confidence in your Plan B is to talk like you expect it to work, not brag that you have yet another redundancy plan for when your next plan fails. What’s amazing here is that Rudy is still talking at all. Of course at this point he appears to be clinically compelled to run his mouth in the most self defeating of ways. But somehow Trump either hasn’t figured out how much harm Rudy is doing to his case, or he lacks the gumption to fire him.

In any case, the longer Rudy Giuliani remains on the job, the more he speeds up Donald Trump’s ouster. Rudy never had a Plan A. Now he’s bluffing about having a Plan B, and even a Plan C – and we’re supposed to take his word for it, because hey, alphabet. If Donald Trump is buying this nonsense, he’s the biggest sucker on the planet.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report