Pie in the sky nonsense

As January 6th looms, there are still a few Trump sycophants living outside of reality who think they can force Mike Pence into somehow magically making Donald Trump’s second term happen. The fact that Rep. Louie Gohmert is the brains behind it is really all you need to know to realize it’s not going anywhere and it hasn’t even stirred up the same scares for media ratings the way stories about Trump’s plot to pack the Electoral College did.

Not only are Trump’s detractors not having any of it, it’s not gaining much traction in Trump’s camp either. Alyssa Farah, former White House Communications Director of Strategic Services who recently left her job as Mike Pence’s press secretary, openly ridiculed the idea on Twitter by directly responding to a news article with the words: “Uh guys, why don’t we focus our efforts on winning back the House in ‘22?”

She gets zero points for this, of course. She’s obviously still on Team Trump, but knows this is pie in the sky nonsense that will only fool the most clueless of Trumpers while making the rest of the GOP look as desperate as they actually are to hold onto power. She’s also right – in the sense that 2022 is important enough that we should stay focused on it now – by making the midterms a referendum on the GOP and their failure to co-exist with reality, as their candidates will likely spend a great deal of time between now and then trying to distance themselves from the likes of Donald Trump and QAnon. We shouldn’t give them that chance.

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