Donald Trump covertly photographed wearing a mask today at Ford plant while he thought no one was looking

Donald Trump was publicly warned in advance, by Ford Motor Company and by the Attorney General of Michigan, that he would be required to wear a mask during his visit to a Ford factory today. During the segment of the tour where the media could see Trump, he refused to wear one, and even bragged about not wanting to give the media the “pleasure” of seeing him wearing one.

It turns out the eternally vain and insecure Trump did wear a mask during a private part of the tour, when he thought no one was going to be able to catch him in the act. But someone in the plant photographed him wearing it and promptly sent it to TMZ:

So much for Donald Trump thinking he could wear a mask and keep anyone from seeing him wear it. And so much for Trump not giving people the “pleasure” of seeing him wearing a mask. He tried to make a weird power play today by only refusing to wear the mask while the media could see him – yet now there’s a photo out there of him wearing a mask anyway. Full story at TMZ. Photo credit: TMZ.

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