Nancy Pelosi just won

Cryin’s Chuck Schumer. Liddle Bob Corker. Pocahontas. Lying Ted. Adam Schitt. Of all the various political figures who have taken on Donald Trump, some of them have won and some of them have lost โ€“ but the one thing they have in common is that Trump has given them all idiotic nicknames. Then there’s the case of Nancy Pelosi, who is a whole different ballgame.

Donald Trump announced late on Wednesday that he’s agreed to indefinitely postpone his State of the Union address for as long as his government shutdown lasts, after Nancy Pelosi told him that he wouldn’t be allowed to show up and give the speech anyway. This isn’t particularly surprising, as Trump has repeatedly shown that he’s utterly petrified of Pelosi. We were reminded of this earlier in the day, when Trump briefly thought about hitting her with an insulting nickname, then thought better of it.

Trump actually said this phrase to the cameras today: “Nancy Pelosi โ€“ or Nancy, as I call her.” That’s right, the supposedly most powerful man in the world had an insult on the tip of his tongue for the Speaker of the House, but he chickened out at the last second, and ended up spewing word salad instead.


So why is Donald Trump so petrified of Nancy Pelosi? It seems fairly obvious: as Speaker of the House, she’s the one who will decide precisely when to start the impeachment process against him, and she’ll be the one overseeing it while it works its way through the House. Trump is too afraid to even insult her โ€“ and that sends a clear signal to Pelosi that she can get away with continuing to twist the knife.

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