Peter Strzok’s revenge

As part of his ongoing holy war against the FBI and the United States intelligence community, Donald Trump managed to get esteemed FBI agent Peter Strzok fired for no above-board reason. Now Strzok is seeking his revenge in the most righteous way possible, and it could end up impacting Trump at the worst possible time.

Peter Strzok wants his job back – and now he’s suing to get it back according to CNN and other news outlets. We can’t see any reason that he won’t prevail. Strzok’s only “offenses” were having an affair with a coworker, and stating in a text message during the election that he didn’t care for Donald Trump (he also separately stated that he didn’t like Hillary Clinton). These aren’t fireable offenses.

It’s not just that Strzok could end up getting his FBI job back, thus emboldening the intel community and humiliating Donald Trump. The timing is the thing. These kinds of court battles can take a long time. It feels like perhaps Strzok is timing this so that it’ll come to a crescendo during the height of the 2020 presidential election season.

This could cause trouble for Donald Trump in the election. It could also put Peter Strzok in position to regain his FBI job just as Trump is being shown the door, allowing Strzok to resume his FBI career at just the right time. As a fun aside, Trump misspelled his own name today (“Donald Ttump”), and now he’s about to get in trouble with a guy (Peter Strzok) whose name he’s always been afraid to even try to spell.

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