Pete Buttigieg just said what we’re all thinking

The trouble with having devious liars for political leaders is that when they get sick, they tend to be as corrupt and dishonest about their health as they are about everything else. That brings us to Donald Trump, who’s trying to cover up how bad his coronavirus is, Lindsey Graham, who now refuses to take a coronavirus test, and Mike Pence, who’s disappeared.

Pete Buttigieg has emerged as one of Joe Biden’s most effective surrogates and is a Democratic Party rising star. He’s throwing down the gauntlet, tweeting this: “Why is Lindsey Graham refusing to take a Covid test? Is the President still on steroids? Where is the Vice President? How much better off would the USA be if we didn’t have to worry about questions like this?”


Mayor Pete also added this: “History’s first Black woman to take this kind of debate stage, Kamala Harris shouldered the weight of constraints and biases that no one in this position has faced – and she crushed it. I can’t wait to see what her vice presidency will make possible.”

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