Pete Buttigieg just destroyed one of the most ridiculous narratives about Donald Trump

It’s not enough that so many media pundits are trying to scare you into staying tuned in by insisting that Donald Trump is somehow on a magic carpet ride to reelection. Some pundits are taking things even further by insisting that even if Trump loses, he’ll just refuse to leave office, and this will somehow work out well for him.

The reality is that this kind of doomsday hysteria isn’t healthy – at all. In reality, if Donald Trump loses the election, the new president will be sworn in as scheduled, whether Trump participates in the inauguration or not. At that point Trump will no longer be president, even if he’s still physically in the White House – which means that law enforcement will drag him out by his ankles for trespassing.

There is no scenario in which Trump loses, then just refuses to leave office, and somehow magically remains in power. Any pundit spreading this kind of nonsense is doing it simply to try to drum up ratings, and anyone out there falling for it is being naive about the true nature of punditry. That’s why it’s important that Democratic candidates are treating this ridiculous narrative with the scorn it deserves.

Pete Buttigieg was asked the question tonight, and according to NBC News, this was his answer: “I guess if [Trump is] willing to do chores we could work something out.” Good for him. The doomsday pundits will say that Pete is taking this scenario too lightly. But they’re just upset that Pete is poking holes in their latest ratings-friendly doomsday scenario.

Pete Buttigieg also said something crucial tonight that falls directly in line with a point that Palmer Report has long been trying to drive home: if we drive enough voter turnout in November and ensure that Donald Trump loses by a sizable margin, it’ll mean he won’t be within “cheating distance.” Turnout always overcomes cheating. Let’s focus on winning, instead of wasting time fretting over whatever doomsday hysteria the pundits are manufacturing in any given week.

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