Donald Trump goes to Pentagon, gives deranged 9/11 speech while invoking the Taliban

You just knew Donald Trump was going to turn today’s 9/11 anniversary into a narcissistic and deranged debacle, because that’s all he ever does in life. Specifically, after he announced that he had invited Taliban terrorist leaders to hang out with him at Camp David during 9/11 week, you knew today was going to be particularly ugly. Sure enough, Trump proceeded to utterly humiliate himself.

Donald Trump woke up today and began accusing the media of faking his terrible 2020 poll numbers, while attacking Hillary Clinton and hurling a racial slur at Elizabeth Warren. But it turned out that was just his warm-up act when it came to marking 9/11. When he traveled to the Pentagon to give a speech that was supposed to commemorate the attack and honor the fallen, he made a point of invoking his Taliban invitation during his speech.

That’s right, on the 9/11 anniversary, while he was standing on ground that had been attacked by terrorists on 9/11, Trump talked about how he was trying to buddy up to terrorists. The Taliban is widely considered to be indirectly responsible for the 9/11 attacks, for having given Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden the space to operate out of Afghanistan. And while we can debate just how much culpability the Taliban deserves for 9/11, there’s no debating the extreme inappropriateness of Trump’s decision to invoke the terrorist group during his anniversary speech.

Former President George W. Bush, never one for a nuanced understanding of anything, once said that either you’re with America or you’re with the terrorists. Donald Trump keeps finding new ways to remind us that he’s with the terrorists.

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