Nancy Pelosi knows something about Donald Trump that we don’t

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi says she won’t begin the impeachment process against Donald Trump unless and until his scandals get so bad, impeachment will result in removal by the Senate. At the same time, Pelosi says that she wants to put Trump in “prison” – and she’s generally not one to say something like that unless she thinks she might be able to pull it off. So what’s going on here?

Everyone has their theory. Palmer Report has floated the notion that Nancy Pelosi, by virtue of being Speaker of the House and having a far greater security clearance level than just about anyone else in government, knows that something is coming when it comes to Donald Trump’s scandals and crimes. Now it turns out a legal expert is thinking along the same lines.

Former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner, who frequently makes solid legal and political points on MSNBC, tweeted this theory today: “Speaker Pelosi says she’d like to see Trump imprisoned (supportable, given he committed both campaign finance AND obstruction of justice crimes) but she doesn’t support impeachment. Query – does she know something is coming as a result of the counter-intelligence investigation?”

We’re inclined to agree – particularly in light of Nancy Pelosi recently having publicly ruled out censure. If she were looking for a way to simply not have to take the risk of impeaching Donald Trump, censure would be her golden ticket. But she’s rejecting it, which means that she’s essentially staking herself to impeachment in the end, and she wouldn’t do that unless she knows something is coming. She’s just too smart and savvy of a politician.

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