Donald Trump goes completely bonkers with incoherent “Payroll” tweet

Donald Trump’s poll numbers are uglier than ever, he’s on track to get blown out in the election, the coronavirus pandemic is out of control, and people can’t find work, amid all kinds of chaos. So what is Trump doing right now? Well, he spent the morning golfing. Now he’s spent the afternoon whining.

In a completely incoherent tweet, Trump insisted that “Payroll Tax Cut plus Dollars!” This was apparently some kind of attempt at weighing in on congressional stimulus negotiations, but instead it ended up sounding like Trump’s brain shattered mid-tweet.

Then Trump decided to begin attacking a conservative newspaper columnist: “Peggy Noonan, a ‘Concast’ MSDNC @WSJ puppet, doesn’t have a clue, and hasn’t for many years. Never got the ‘Trump thing’. She plays right into the hands of the stupid people!” Someone is going to have to explain to Trump that “Concast MSDNC” isn’t going to become clever no matter how many times he repeats it.

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