Someone is still paying Fusion GPS to investigate Donald Trump and Russia

During her show on Wednesday evening, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow revealed something about the newly released Trump-Russia dossier transcripts that everyone else had missed. She pointed to verbiage in the testimony from Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS which revealed that his company is still investigating Donald Trump’s Russia scandal. This is a major find. The even bigger story may be the part that Maddow declined to address: Fusion GPS doesn’t work for free. So who’s paying them? It may explain a lot about what we’ve seen over the past few weeks.

It was originally a Republican entity who hired Fusion GPS to conduct research into Donald Trump and Russia; the company ultimately hired former MI6 agent Christopher Steele to conduct and assemble the research. At some point the original funding source dried up, and a Democratic entity began funding the research. In fact the funding of the dossier has been a source of partisan contention, as Trump and some Republicans in Congress have (falsely) claimed that it was Hillary Clinton who was funding the dossier. But the point is that someone has to fund this kind of research, and now we know that it’s still ongoing.

So who on earth is paying Fusion GPS to continue its research into the Trump-Russia scandal? We have no idea. We do know that several major news outlets reported during the course of 2017 that at one point the FBI tried to hire Steele to continue his research, but according to these reports, that never happened. But what if that’s wrong? Is it possible that the FBI is still paying Fusion GPS to continue its Trump-Russia research?

If so, this could explain why Donald Trump’s Republican allies in Congress have spent the past few weeks working so hard to try to discredit the Trump-Russia dossier and the people behind it, while also mercilessly attacking the FBI. They’ve been desperate to prevent these transcripts from seeing the light of day. Is this the detail that they’ve been afraid someone would figure out? Is the FBI paying Fusion GPS to keep digging into Trump? If not, who is paying for it?

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report