Amid bribery scandal, GOP Congressman says he thinks Paul Ryan is resigning as Speaker

It’s not the first time we’ve heard this one, but it’s the first time we’ve heard it from a member of his own party who’s willing to attach his name to it, so it’s time to pay attention. Paul Ryan is on the verge of resigning as Speaker of the House, according to his fellow Republican Congressman Mark Amodei. So what’s really going on here? Will this really happen, and why is Amodei putting this out publicly right now? We can offer insight into at least some of those answers.

Amodei is merely rating Ryan’s resignation as a “rumor” he’s hearing, but let’s call this what it is. Members of Congress don’t just go around spreading random gossip to the media that they heard about their own party’s Speaker resigning, if they think it’s nothing more than random gossip. There is no way that a GOP Congressman would publicly float something like this unless he either believes it’s true, or he’s trying to make it happen. So let’s take a look at what else transpired with regard to the GOP today.

The sudden story about Paul Ryan resigning, first reported by the respected Ralston Reports (link), is coming on the heels of an Associated Press report that Robert Mueller’s cooperating witness George Nader funneled millions of dollars in foreign bribe money from United Arab Emirates into the hands of Trump fundraiser Elliott Broidy (link). The key detail the media has largely overlooked: Broidy is also Deputy Finance Chairman of the Republican National Committee. In other words, millions of dollars in illegal bribe money flowed through the hands of the Republican Party’s top money guy, and there’s every reason to ask how many GOP members of Congress may have taken a cut of that money, and which of the GOP’s leaders knew about it.

Now, immediately after everyone in the Republican Congress learned that Mueller has the guilty individuals nailed in the UAE bribery scandal, suddenly a member of the Republican Congress is talking openly about how the Republican Speaker is about to resign. This could be a coincidence, but it doesn’t feel like one. The question of course is whether this means Ryan is guilty and the GOP is trying to hurry up and force him out before it hits the fan, or if other members of the GOP are guilty, and they’re trying to hurry up and take over House leadership so they can be in better position to protect themselves.

One way or the other, something major is going on here within the Republican Party. Members of Congress don’t go around publicly talking about how their own party’s Speaker of the House is supposedly about to resign, unless they have a good reason to be talking like that. The only question here is what’s truly behind this. Considering how rapidly the details of the UAE bribery scandal are hitting the newswires, it may not take long for the ugliest details to surface – including who within the GOP is tied to that money.

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