Paul Ryan admits the gig is up

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan just admitted that his biggest fear is going to come to fruition. At a financial conference in Beverly Hills, Ryan stated that if Democrats take back the House of Representatives following the midterm elections in November it will end the Republicans’ attempt at protecting themselves and Donald Trump and all of their cover-ups will come to an end. While not openly stating that a blue wave will send all complicit GOP members to jail, he implied that losing subpoena power would be devastating to their party and Trump.

Even with Republican control of investigations in the House and Senate, the American people were still able to witness a mountain of evidence of wrongdoing on a multitude of levels of crimes, despite the intentional coverups and misuse of power. Despite Republicans prematurely ending the House investigation into Trump-Russia treason, the Democrats’ Minority Report pointed out numerous crimes that the Republicans failed to even investigate.

Once given the gavel, and thus the ability to issue subpoenas, House Democrats could reopen the investigation as early as January 2019. This fact is terrifying not only to Trump but to all Republicans who were part of the associated crimes, or who helped to prevent more facts from coming to light.

Given the ability to ensure all witnesses are made to testify, and all necessary subpoenas are issued, the American people will have a much better chance of actually seeing real justice. It is this knowledge that is currently overwhelming Trump and his cronies. When the Speaker of the House, who is not even running for reelection after realizing how much trouble the GOP is in, is using financial conferences to plead for help in stopping the Democrats from taking power, and Trump is going on an unhinged monologue about imminent impeachment at a rally, you know things aren’t looking very bright for Republicans.

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