Donald Trump’s Patrick Shanahan debacle is even uglier than we thought

Earlier today, Donald Trump announced that his Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan was resigning, and that Shanahan’s nomination to be permanent Secretary of Defense was being withdrawn. Shanahan has clearly been on the outs with Trump ever since he publicly spoke out against the Trump regime’s attempt at hiding the USS John McCain from Trump’s sight. But now it turns out the whole thing is even uglier than we thought.

According to explosive new reporting from the Washington Post, Patrick Shanahan’s wife was arrested for violently attacking him, and Shanahan’s son was arrested for violently attacking his wife. Shanahan apparently went to great lengths to try to hide his son’s violent behavior.

Shanahan has been Acting Secretary of Defense for roughly six months, and he’s been the nominee for permanent Secretary of Defense for quite some time – so even the inept Trump regime must have run a background check and some point in this process and learned about these easily discoverable arrests. There’s no way they didn’t know about this.

In other words, Donald Trump and his regime had no problem with the history of domestic violence and coverups within Patrick Shanahan’s family – they simply had a problem with the public finding out about it. This is in addition to Shanahan getting on Trump’s bad side by having positioned himself on the right side of the McCain debacle.

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