We told you Donald Trump has a big problem with his Secretary of Defense nominee Patrick Shanahan

Donald Trump’s longtime Acting Secretary of Defense, Boeing lackey Patrick Shanahan, has no business holding the job. It’s even more embarrassing that Trump recently nominated Shanahan for the job on a permanent basis. But at least Shanahan had the decency to publicly push back against the Trump regime’s decision to try to hide the USS John McCain from Trump’s sight.

At the time of the McCain incident, Palmer Report wrote that Patrick Shanahan’s noble stand was likely to cause problems for his nomination. It was easy to parse why. The ever-narcissistic Trump surely took issue with Shanahan’s refusal to side with him. In addition, Trump’s handlers likely explained to him that if and when Shanahan comes before the Senate for confirmation, Senate Democrats will ask him about the McCain incident, thus giving new legs to the scandal.

Sure enough, NBC News is reporting today that according to its sources, Donald Trump “may be having second thoughts” about the Shanahan nomination. Not surprisingly, the USS John McCain incident is chief among the reasons cited. It’s pretty much exactly what Palmer Report was able to deduce eight days ago, without the need for any inside information.

We’ll see what happens from here. The complicit Republican Senate majority will still confirm Patrick Shanahan if Donald Trump decides he still wants to go through with the nomination – but the confirmation hearings would be embarrassing for Trump. If Trump ditches Shanahan in favor of some other more compliant lackey, it’ll serve to make Trump look even more corrupt and weak – but he’s never cared about such things.

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