Donald Trump panics and caves on everything

Just last week, Donald Trump was announcing on national television that he would be “proud” to shut down the federal government in protest over the fact that his border wall isn’t being funded by Democrats. This came even as he was insisting that the wall had already been built, and that Mexico was already paying for it, which created just a bit of confusion. Suffice it to say that, whatever had Trump acting so confident last week, it’s now gone – entirely.

The Trump regime quietly announced today that Donald Trump is no longer interested in shutting down the government over border wall funding. Instead, the Republican-controlled Senate will effectively be left to decide whether it wants to shut things down. This means Trump is suddenly caving on his wall and his shutdown, which was pretty much all he was still hanging his hat on at this point. So what’s going on?

Sure, Donald Trump could have simply been bluffing all along. But why? He knew Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer were never going to cave on this. Why bother bluffing when you know it’ll have a zero percent chance of succeeding? This suggests to us that last week, Trump really was willing to shut the government down. In turn, that tells us that Trump knows he’s in a very different place than he was a week ago.

It’s not difficult to figure out what it is that has left Donald Trump rattled, panicking, and caving on everything. New York state finished off the Trump Foundation today. Michael Cohen was just sent to prison for three years for crimes that Trump instructed him to commit. Today a federal judge asked if Michael Flynn had committed treason while serving as one of Trump’s top advisers.

Donald Trump now probably has a very short window of time before he’s indicted, or his kids are arrested, or Robert Mueller drops the kind of bomb that makes clear Trump was the leader of his regime’s treasonous plotting. Trump seems to understand that he’s in imminent and severe trouble. If he shuts down the government, everyone will conclude he did it to try to fend off his own imminent downfall – and thus he blinked.