Donald Trump goes into full panic mode

Hillary Clinton’s home in Chappaqua was briefly on fire today, yet she’s not having nearly as bad of a day as Donald Trump is having. His own former top confidante Steve Bannon is publicly accusing Trump and his son of a “treasonous” conspiracy with Russia during the campaign, while also asserting that Trump is going down for money laundering. In response, Donald Trump is going into full panic mode.

We’ve routinely seen what Trump’s standard panic mode looks like, when he goes a bit berserk on Twitter. We’ve also seen Trump go into what you might call enhanced panic mode, as we did yesterday, when he posted one fully unhinged tweet after another for seventeen hours straight. But as we’ve learned over the past two years, Trump’s full panic mode consists of saying absolutely nothing. It’s those rare times that he goes totally quiet that speak the loudest.

In the half a day since the Steve Bannon bombshells began landing, Donald Trump has said precisely nothing. His Twitter account has gone dormant, save for a few generic tweets which obviously weren’t written or posted by Trump himself. Trump’s White House did put out a fiery statement accusing Bannon of having “lost his mind” but it’s not in Trump’s usual speaking or writing style. Instead, when you match it up with the tone and rhetoric used by Sarah Huckabee Sanders during her press conference today, it appears she wrote the statement on Trump’s behalf without his input.

Don’t worry, Donald Trump will be tweeting outrageously about Steve Bannon by late tonight or tomorrow at the latest. Eventually his desire to publicly spew verbal venom will outweigh his current stunned deer-in-the-headlights trance. But for now, Trump’s total silence is the surest giveaway that he’s in full panic mode. He knows just how bad this is for him. And for now at least, he has no idea how to respond.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report