Did Devin Nunes just panic and sell out Donald Trump?

As recently as Friday, rogue Congressman and blithering idiot Devin Nunes was willing to commit felony obstruction of justice by releasing an intentionally misleading memo to try to protect himself and Donald Trump in the Russia scandal. Over the weekend, Nunes vowed to commit more crimes by releasing more memos. But now that his memo has turned into a huge scandal in its own right, it appears Nunes may have finally figured out he’s going to prison – because he just made a move which suggests he’s selling out Trump after all.

Once the Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee saw that the Nunes memo was a misleading pile of crap, they assembled a memo of their own. It’ll expose the Nunes memo as a criminal act of obstruction, thus helping to march Nunes and Trump closer to prison. Now that the memo has become radioactive, it wasn’t surprising that the committee held a vote today to release the Democrats’ memo to the public. It’s not even surprising that Republicans on the committee voted in favor of its release, because they’re surely now trying to distance themselves from Nunes’ radioactive memo. Here’s the crazy part, though: the vote was unanimous.

That means Devin Nunes voted in favor of releasing a rebuttal memo that exposes his own memo as a criminal farce. If this were anyone else, we might assume that Nunes went along with it for the sake of appearances after everyone else on the committee made clear that they were voting “yes.” But as we’ve seen over the past year, Nunes has no familiarity with concepts such as covering his tracks or the sake of appearances. This buffoon once leaked classified information about the investigation to Trump in the middle of the night.

Given that Devin Nunes is an oblivious idiot, it’s fair to ask if he voted “yes” on the release of the Democratic memo today because he’s panicked and switched sides. Keep in mind that Nunes can probably cut a deal with Robert Mueller to keep himself out of prison if he gives up everything he knows about Donald Trump’s crime spree. Given his simplistic nature, his surprise vote today may be a sign that he just did precisely that. Keep an eye on what Nunes says or does next.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report