Donald Trump hits the panic button

Donald Trump’s House GOP allies floated a proposed impeachment witness list today rooted entirely in Trump’s mentally incompetent conspiracy theories, only to be immediately vetoed by Adam Schiff. Mick Mulvaney asked a judge to rule on whether he must testify, only for the House to tell him it doesn’t want him anymore. Trump has absolutely no strategy heading into televised impeachment hearings, so instead he’s just going indiscriminately berserk.

This morning Donald Trump posted dozens of frantic retweets before 7:00am, at one point retweeting the same person seven times in a row. Then he went to an Alabama football game, where he finally found a crowd deranged enough to largely cheer him – but there were audible boos as well. Trump just can’t catch a break. After the game, he went completely berserk.

Trump retweeted one goon after another who falsely claimed that the “entire” Alabama stadium was cheering him. Then he falsely accused an impeachment witness of perjury, and attacked the media for not reporting this false story. He made up some fake poll numbers without even bothering to say where he supposedly got them from. At one point he tweeted “Thank you Andrew” with no frame of reference for who “Andrew” might be.

Donald Trump is panicking. Not only that, he’s frantically, indiscriminately, recklessly panicking. He’s got no way out of this and he knows it. Trump’s presidency is over. His life, which will consist of spending his remaining days in solitary confinement, is also over. He’s panicking in the manner that only a dead man walking panics. He knows it’s over.

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