Trump 2020 campaign descends into full panic mode

Earlier this week, we saw major media reports that Donald Trump’s own internal 2020 polling showed him devastatingly far behind his potential Democratic opponents. Last night, new public polling from Quinnipiac revealed similarly nightmarish numbers for Trump. Now his 2020 campaign is going into full panic mode, either to keep up appearances, or to try to keep Trump from falling apart over the bad news.

This morning, Donald Trump insisted on Twitter that none of these polls were real, and that the numbers were simply being made up by the “fake news” in order to make him look bad. Trump laughably claimed that his internal polling numbers are in fact the best numbers we have ever had.” This is ludicrous, of course. But when the candidate is a mentally incompetent delusional narcissist, the campaign has to play along accordingly.

Accordingly, Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign communications director posted this asinine tweet this evening, in an apparent attempt at backing up Trump’s fictional claims: “We have new data – not the same as the alleged internal polling that was old, anonymously sourced, inaccurately described, and subject to erroneous media speculation. The new data tested issues Dems are running on. In all 17 states polled, POTUS leads.”

The funny part here is that the Trump campaign is simultaneously claiming that the leaked numbers are fake, and that it has new numbers that are far better than the leaked numbers. So which is it? Have his internal poll numbers magically improved by leaps and bounds overnight, or were his numbers never bad to begin with? Such logic doesn’t apply when you’re simply making things up to try to cheer up a despondent candidate who appears to be one proverbial bad bottle of tequila from giving up entirely.

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