As the pressure mounts, Donald Trump and his Trump-Russia pals are completely cracking up

If you’re caught up in the Trump-Russia scandal and you haven’t yet been indicted, now is a good time to panic. Over the past week we’ve seen multiple Americans referenced in the indictments of a dozen Russian government hackers and Russian political operative Maria Butina, meaning that shoes are about to start dropping left and right. Not surprisingly, some of the biggest names in the scandal are indeed panicking and losing whatever might have been left of their minds.

First we’ve got Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, who admits he had dinner with Maria Butina during the election, and acknowledges he may be the unnamed Congressman referenced in the Butina indictment. So how is Rohrabacher handling the pressure of having the Feds breathing down his neck? By getting into a shouting match with a reporter who tried to ask him about the scandal. He’s not the only one who’s losing it.

We’ve also got Roger Stone, who admits he’s the unnamed Donald Trump associate who is accused in a recent indictment of having conspired with Russian government hackers to disseminate stolen Democratic Party secrets during the election. Stone insists he didn’t actually commit a crime. But he’s also melting down under the pressure. Over the past few days he’s accused Robert Mueller of being at the center of some kind of 9/11 coverup, and he’s also insisting that someone is spying on him from an unmarked white van. No, really.

But none of Donald Trump’s alleged co-conspirators are cracking up as badly as he is. Just before midnight last night, Trump posted this profoundly disturbing tweet in all capital letters: “To Iranian President Rouhani: NEVER, EVER THREATEN THE UNITED STATES AGAIN OR YOU WILL SUFFER CONSEQUENCES THE LIKES OF WHICH FEW THROUGHOUT HISTORY HAVE EVER SUFFERED BEFORE. WE ARE NO LONGER A COUNTRY THAT WILL STAND FOR YOUR DEMENTED WORDS OF VIOLENCE & DEATH. BE CAUTIOUS!” That speaks for itself about how he’s handling the mounting pressure of his criminal scandals.

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