Palmer Report told you Donald Trump was going to prison – and now we know he really is

For quite some time now, Palmer Report has been pointing out that if and when Donald Trump loses the election, he’s going to prison. We’ve faced skepticism and even some outright derision over this, even from people who detest Trump as much as we do.

Considering what’s long been publicly known about the New York grand jury, the subpoenas it’s sent, and the court challenges which have made the grand jury’s normally-secret moves public, we’ve never really understood the pushback we’ve faced for pointing out that Trump is in the process of being criminally indicted by that grand jury. Perhaps the problem has been that so few others in the media have been willing to acknowledge this fact, even when covering the Supreme Court battle over the grand jury subpoena in question.

But with the New York District Attorney confirming in court filings today that Donald Trump is being criminally investigated for crimes including bank fraud and insurance fraud, there’s no longer much doubt that Trump is going to prison if he loses. Grand juries nearly always indict on these kinds of matters. Trial juries nearly always convict on financial crimes because the evidence is so cut and dry. State charges can’t be pardoned by any President.

This doesn’t mean Donald Trump is magically going to prison tomorrow; we’ve never suggested as much. Even if the New York grand jury indicts Trump before the election, it’s not clear that New York law enforcement officials would be able to enter the White House and arrest him. But at the least, we now have confirmation that Trump will be arrested once he leaves office. Trump is going to prison if he loses. That should be our greatest motivation to vote for Joe Biden yet. And next time Palmer Report makes a prediction like “Trump is going to prison,” take it seriously.

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